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Representative projects (since July 1990)

Calculation and design of:

- rectification columns,
-- for extractive distillation,
-- splitting tin-tetramethyl-mixtures,
-- for lactates,
-- for whiskey (Ireland),
-- splitting several hydrocarbon mixtures,
- heat exchangers,
- filters, electrostatic precipitators,
- cyclones,
- scrubbers,
- air-foil-dryers,
- sampling devices (Na-cooled)

Processes for the production of
- ethyllactate,
- methylchlorine-silan synthesis (MCS),
- simulation of the silan synthesis reactor (circulating fluidized bed),
- software used: ASPEN Plus, ChemCAD, HTRI, Simulis,
- creation of thermophysical property databank (using DELPHI),
- processing (desulphurization, denitrification) of flue gas emitted from power plants and domestic refuse incinerators,
- processing weak-radioactive waste waters containing boric acid from pressurized water reactors,
- processing electrolyte systems (simulation),
- recovery of vapor phase emitted from gasoline tanks when refilled by ship,
- solvent recovery process,
- rectification of azeotropic mixtures,
- rectification under simultaneous chemical reactions (steady state or kinetic controlled),
- extractive distillations,
- modelling, parameter adjustment, using values available from measurement or from literature, using DPP (data preparation package, DECHEMA).


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